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How To Train Magic In Runescape

How To Train Magic In Runescape

 Magic XP

This is another boring skill to train, but once you have it high enough you own people! I’m going to list 2 spell books, original spellbook, and ancients spellbook.

Original Spellbook-this requires a certain amount of Magic XP for each spell

Teleport spells:   level 1- to Home,  level 10- Moblizing Armies, level 25-Varrock, level 31-Lumbridge, level 37- Falador, level 40- House, level 45- Camelot, level 51- Ardougne (after Plauge City), level 58- Watchtower (after Watchtower quest), level 61- Trollheim (after Eadger’s Ruse), level 64- Ape Toll (after saving King Awovogei during recipe for disaster), level 74- tele other to Lumbridge, level 82- tele other to Falador, level 85- teleport block, level 90-tele other to Camelot.

Fire spells:  level 13- fire strike, level 35- fire bolt, level 59- f ire blast, level 75- fire wave, level 95- fire surge.

Water spells:  level 5- water strike, level 23- water bolt, level 47- water blast, level 65- water wave, level 85- water surge.

Earth spells:  level 9- earth strike, level 29- earth bolt, level 53- earth blast, level 70- earth wave, level 90- earth surge.

Wind spells:  level 1- wind rush and wind strike, level 17- wind bolt, level 41- wind blast, level 62- wind wave, level 81-wind surge.

Other:l  evel 3- confuse, level 11- weaken, level 15- bones to banana’s, level 19- curse, level 20- bind, level 21- low level alch, level 33- telekinetic grab, level 39- crumble the undead, level 43- superheat item, level 50- snare and magic dart (requires 55 slayer) and Iban’s Blast (after Underground Pass), level 55- High level alch, level 60- bones to peaches (Mage training arena), saradomin strike (after  age arena), claws of Guthix (after Mage arena), flames of Zamorak (after Mage arena), level 73- enfeeble, level 79- entangle, level 80- stun and charge.

Ancients Spellbook-this requires a certain amount of Magic XP for each spell

Teleport spells:  level 50- Home, level 54- Paddeuua, level 60- Senntisten, level 66- Kharyrll, level 72- Lasser, level 78-Dareeyak, level 84- Corrallangar, level 90- Annakorl, level 96- Ghorrock.

Smoke spells:  level 50- smoke rush, level 62- smoke burst, level 74- smoke blitz, level 86- smoke barrage.

Shadow spells:  level  52- shadow rush, level 64- shadow burst, level 76- shadow blitz, level 88- shadow barrage.

Blood spells:  level 54- blood rush, level 68- blood burst, level 80- blood blitz, level 92- blood barrage.

Ice spells:  level 56- ice rush, level 70- ice burst, level 82- ice blitz, level 94- ice barrage

Miasmic spells:  level 61- miasmic rush, level 73- miasmc burst, level 85- miasmic blitz, level 99- miasmic barrage.



Quests That Give Magic Xp In Runescape

Quests That Give Magic Xp In Runescape

There are 18 quests that gives Magic XP.

  • Desert Treasure – 20,000 exp
  • Watch Tower – 15,250 exp
  • Swan Song – 15,000 exp
  • Eyes of Glouphrie – 12,000 exp
  • Dream Mentor – 10,000 exp
  • Enakhra’s Lament – 7,000 exp
  • King’s Ransom – 5,000 exp
  • Lunar Diplomacy – 5,000 exp
  • The Path of Glouphrie – 5,000 exp
  • Horror from the Deep – 4,000 exp
  • Legacy of Seergaze – 3,000 exp
  • Recipe for Disaster – 2,500 exp
  • Grand Tree Quest – 2,150 exp
  • Giant Dwarf – 1,500 exp
  • Spirits of the Elid – 1,000 exp
  • Growing Pains – 1,000 exp
  • Imp Catcher* – 900 exp
  • Witches Potion* – 375 exp

The total amount of XP that the magic quests give is 106,775 XP.

One more thing, click here for more tricks on my YouTube Channel and maybe I’ll make a guide on Magic XP just for you if you sub to me and comment! I wish you luck on your journey to getting lots of Magic XP.


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